wig instructions

How to wash a wig

how to use purple shampoo

Avoid extreme temperatures.

Wash your wig whenever needed.

Use cold to lukewarm water during washing.

Use a semi-permanent of the same color to refresh wig.

Use only sulfate-free shampoos, preferably a clarifying and moisturizing shampoo.

Use purple shampoo and conditioner for wigs that are bleach or with highlights (This makes it lighter).

Use color-treated shampoo and conditioner for colored wigs

Do not brush/comb wig while washing with shampoo.

Only brush/comb wig after applying conditioner on wig.

Apply moisturizing conditioners and leave for 5 – 10 minutes. 

Use vented paddle brush to brush wig from bottom to top for any texture of hair. Be gentle during this process.

Always air dry hair or dry with a hairdryer.

Use less styling products.

Do not wear your wig on a mannequin while the cap is wet to avoid over-stretching.

If you need to alter your wig, please consult a professional.


Hair is likely to shed a little because weft was cut and then sewn individually on the cap.

Store in a cool dry place.